About us

Throttle’s journey symbolizes the idea to integrate the world on one single, uniform platform consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle clubs from across the globe.

It all started with a group of motorcyclists who, with a strong desire to provide a channel to motorcyclists and their passion for motorcycling, brainstormed and conceptualized this smart platform that integrates all stakeholders associated with motorcycling.  It extended to motorcycle riding clubs and placing equal, if not more emphasis on individual riders.  Personal attention was focused on a rider’s profile, his wants and needs to gain a better understanding of what a motorcycle enthusiast really seeks from a motorcycling community.  This resulted in bringing everyone together into a bigger ecosystem that would co-exist and promote the healthy culture of motorcycle riding globally.  It was an attempt to break the taboo of motorcycling as a rich man’s sport and unite Motorbike Riders, Clubs, Facilitators, Accessory Providers and Ride Planners across brands and regional boundaries.  The result – the uber-cool Throttle Biking App.

The Throttle Biking App is a multi-platform application which every motorcyclist would happily be onboard given its purpose and functionality.  Loaded with the most important feature of catering all the needs of a motorcyclist in one place, Throttle will prove to be of great help for every motorcyclist out there.  Currently Throttle Biking App is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.  Windows app and Web version shall follow suit soon.